Welcome to Great White WiFi…nally.

Welcome to Great White WiFi…nally.

Welcome! I finally took the time to get this set up. I settled on the name quite some time ago, but haven’t taken the time to register a domain, set up hosting, etc. Thanks to this blog post by Michael Hyatt (tweeted by Keith Parsons), I decided to just get it done, and it was easy!

I still need to sort out a theme and make everything bright and shiny. I’ve got a designer buddy working on a logo, and my list of topics to write about is slowly growing. I hope to post monthly, so we’ll see how that works out.

Subject matter here will be predominantly wifi-related. Marc, if you’re reading this, stop now before you get hurt. I have a few topics on my list already, mostly about issues I have seen or want to deal with at my job, which is in the tech department of a school division in rural Manitoba. Apple TV’s and AirPlay have been pretty popular there, so that will hopefully be one of the first posts. I am sure some posts will be about topics many readers already know about, however this blog is first and foremost a record of my experience and education. I have also been toying with the idea of some posts aimed at consumers, going through setup of the various brands of routers and modem/router combos for the providers in the area. Hopefully one day this will be a source of knowledge and inspiration the way so many wifi blogs have been for me so far.

And now, a little about me. My name is Steve McKim. You can find me on Twitter as @alfmckim. I am married to an amazing, smart, beautiful woman (she might read this) who has given me two wonderful daughters, ages 4 and 1.5. I have been working for the school division for seven months now. My previous job was with a wireless ISP, where I worked for six years. I had no networking experience previous to that (definitely looped the entire network once, taking down all the branches AND about 1000 customers for a short time, which could be a post in itself) but my educational background was in radio frequency and telecommunications. I have a diploma from Assiniboine Community College in a two-year program called Wireless Telecommunications Engineering Technology (now just Communications Engineering Technology), and I am a Certified Engineering Technologist through the Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba. I recently won The Next Wi-Fi Rockstar contest, put on by the awesome guys over at The NSA Show. That has been incredibly helpful, and I hope one day I can pay it forward. I am working on building up my home lab as well, although our housing situation is temporary at the moment so I don’t want to waste time on anything permanent. I sat and passed the CWNA exam in January and am attending a CWAP boot camp with Eight-O-Two Technology Solutions at the end of March. I’ve started studying for that and wow, the CWAP will be tough. I was thinking the other night that it might be more efficient to highlight the fluff instead of the important stuff. I hope to sit that exam before the end of April. There are so many things I want to work on, it’s tough to pick one to focus on!

So, there’s my first post done. The next one will probably come sometime after my CWAP experience. Thanks for checking it out!

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