Monthly Archives: November 2015

Short Point-to-Point Upgrade

I recently had the opportunity to upgrade an old point-to-point link for a concrete company. The link distance is about 300 feet, or 92 meters. They had an old Engenius access point installed very poorly on the outside of their office, about 7 feet above the ground. The network cable was taped along the floor […]

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My First Design

This summer I had an opportunity to do a total redesign, which was my first complete WLAN design from scratch. One of my schools was having some renovations done so we recabled and got rid of the hallway-fi. This post will go over the steps I took during my design process, look at a few […]

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Evaluating the Kramer Electronics KW-11 Wireless HD Transmitter/Receiver

I had a chance to look at a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver system the other day. My colleague had sourced it to simplify one school’s gym A/V system. The specifications all sounded quite good. The device in question is a Kramer Electronics KW-11 Wireless High Definition Transmitter/Receiver. You can find the product page here and the […]

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